DATAProtect 2022: What Happened!

Threats of cyberattacks grow every day, and the protection of your customers’ data becomes sophisticated, as hackers always find new techniques and methods to achieve more successful raids on organizations and companies.  
That urges governments and businesses to set more regulations that control and frame online activities. On the other hand, invest in new technologies that guarantee safe internet use and DATA protection.  
ICT Misr considers uncovering technologies to the Egyptian and Arab markets as one of its responsibilities, to close all gaps and resolve any pain point that faces any business.  
Here the idea of DATAPROTECT 2022 was born. ICT Misr decided to hold this unprecedented gathering; to help customers, businesses, and all success partners to find their way in safeguarding their data and customers’ security.

What Happened in DATAProtect 2022

In the magical city of Gouna at the sunny beaches of the Red Sea, we had an enjoyable and fruitful schedule. ICT Misr team met many of our partners, friends, and colleagues who work in Information Security in different industries and businesses. 

All of them were excited by the collection of introduced technologies and the speakers that represented high-tech vendors like PhishRod, Fidelis, and Efficient IP.   
Mohamed Nagi, a Cyber Security Senior Analyst and one of our guests from Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) praised the event as he said: “ICT Misr introduces a lot of new technologies to the market through high-profile vendors, that help in overcoming the evolving cyber threats internationally.” 
We shared with Mr. Nagi his admiration toward the speakers who talked about various new information security technologies that help the Egyptian market, especially the banking sector that is taking huge steps in cybersecurity under the umbrella of The Central Bank of Egypt.   
Ahmed Karim, Chief Information Security Officer at Faisal Islamic Bank, saw that the technologies introduced in DATAPROTECT 2022 are capable of guiding the banking sector to fulfill the framework announced by the CBE

Speakers in DATAPROTECT 2022 

Three of our partners attended DATAPROTECT 2022, and we were honored to listen to their lectures about unique technologies.   

Racha and Nidal from Efficient IP: 

Racha Abdallah and Nidal Al Banna represented Efficient IP with its 360° DNS Security Solution during their 90-minute session.   They explained:
  • Why DNS should be the first line of defense in any business,
  • How they offered a purpose-built layer of in-depth defense to protect public and private DNS infrastructures against external or internal threats.

Shahd and Mohamed from PhishRod:

  Shahd ELdokki and Mohamed Ashraf explained how PhishRod can help any organization comply with the Egypt financial cyber security framework.
That happened by automating phishing incident response, security awareness, policy compliance, and end-user behavior analysis.  

Wael, Ahmed, Mohamed, and Emy from Fidelis: 

  Wael El-Deeb, Ahmed Ali, Mohamed Magdi, and Amy Mortlock gave a lecture about how Fidelis Cybersecurity.
They introduce a unique and elevated approach combining Extended Detection Response capabilities (XDR) with adaptive and active Deception in a single and natively integrated platform, and how that provides users with the proactive defense.

DATAPROETCT 2022 as a Success Story  

After COVID 19, organizations begin to manage work remotely which accelerates the shift to digital work globally, and the risk of cyberattacks extremely increased.  

Therefore, we at ICT Misr were able to identify how these changes are affecting our customers’ daily business communications and processes, and we find it a chance to gather our customers and leading technology providers to talk about security.   

And that is why DATAPROTECT 2022 succeeded.  It was not about timing, technologies, or vendors only, it was the direction and target of helping and saving our customers, as well as the Egyptian industries.   

Hope to continue this adventure with our partners and customers in future events and projects.