Hardware Infrastructure - ICT Misr


Compute Nodes, RISC, and
x86 Processors

Scale-out your system to meet your needs. ICT Misr provides compute nodes that ensure flexibility, top-notch memory, and extensive processing capabilities. As Dell Technologies partner, we provide the Dell PowerEdge compute nodes. It is the best choice when your company is running out of space while needing lots of computing power. That's besides resolving the data transfer complexity, whether Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC) or x86 processors, we offer both kinds as well.

As a Dell partner, ICT Misr brings up high performance and best-in-class capacities with the Dell PowerEdge technology - which will suit your operating system and fit your power consumption, workload, and scalability requirements.

Tape and Disk Backup
Media Solutions

With your growing business operations and more activity disclosures, your media archive will brim eventually. ICT Misr offers smart backup solutions that will keep your business history safe. Its secure data recovery service implements comprehensive backup strategies fitting all sizes of business; From startups to enterprises.

You can go for the affordable disk backup solution of ICT Misr; it will suit your business if starting. Besides, it secures fast access to data and good scalability. For enterprises, the tape backup solutions that ICT Misr provides bring businesses advanced security and encryption capabilities, together with reliable durability for the continual data storage.

SAN, NAS, and Object
Storage Solutions

Save your space, and much more of your business hardware costs with ICT Misr smart Dell EMC storage solutions. The Dell Technologies partner, we provide EMC SAN and NAS storage solutions that guarantee high disk utilization, successful thin provisioning, and reliable data recovery. You can also gear up with object storage that gives out extensive data analytics, speedy data retrieval, and infinite scalability.

Oracle Engineered systems
(EXADATA, Zero Data loss, ZFS and ODA)

Save your money and time with ICT Misr Oracle Engineered Systems. We provide; EXADATA, Zero Data loss, ZFS and ODA that guarantee the best data protection solutions (eliminate critical database data loss), increase revenues, controls costs, deliver a return on investment (ROI) of up to 498% over five years and reliable data recovery. These four services are a must-have for your business to flourish and reach its maximum potential. We always provide the best for our clients. Oracle Engineered Systems are the way to go.