Cloud & Virtualization - ICT Misr


Servers Virtualization and
Cloud Offering

ICT Misr introduces cloud computing and virtualization solutions that help businesses scale up efficiently. This technology provided by us as Dell partners pays off to your business by saving time, effort, and a significant amount of space.

Covered by reliable security, with no more system crashes, but hassle-free operations, ICT Misr enables your network to harness the power of cloud computing and virtualization seamlessly.

Network Virtualization

Your IT infrastructure can hinder your growth in the future; that’s why network virtualization becomes the gold standard. ICT Misr network virtualization solutions got your business covered with future-proof scalability with more power-saving and fewer resources. From adaptors or switches to VLANs and Virtual Machines, ICT Misr has it all for successful network virtualization. No more of the time-consuming manual security updates to each of your servers. ICT Misr makes it easier for your IT team to pursue their jobs successfully, leveraging the automated management perk of this service.

Desktop Virtualization and
Application Delivery

Remote working requires a consolidated and secure network. ICT Misr desktop and application virtualization solutions provide new streamlined technology that enables your employees to work whenever and wherever they are. ICT Misr implements Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) which reduces downtime thereby boosting employee productivity as well as the continuity of operations at your company.

Whether on-premises or in the cloud, this service simplified deployments for your IT department - and with lower costs. Deploying multiple laptops and desktop computers in less time is now the new norm. Together with the application virtualization solutions, ICT Misr helps your business to further lower administration costs, reduce system integration - and maintain an agile environment.