Data & Information Management - ICT Misr


Master Data Management

Monitoring the performance of your business starts with data - specifically with data warehousing. However, it gets hard to even determine the metrics or KPIs required to measure in tandem with the increasing complexity and volume of your business data.

ICT Misr Master Data Management (MDM) solutions cover it all. We can define and manage, and categorize your master data according to your operational strategies. That encompasses your product data, customer data, and your asset data, to easily evaluate with high accuracy.

Data Quality

Feed your business intelligence with high-quality data. High-quality data contributes to making the right data-driven decisions. Because when your data fit for its purpose and use, you can get really valuable information and hence level up your business performance.

ICT Misr provides data quality solutions that embrace your business intelligence efforts and data analytics, thereby realizing better operational efficiency.

Privacy and Security

Empower your business with the latest technology in privacy and security and forget about data vulnerability. ICT Misr introduces a 24/7 security service that ensures smart and speedy threat detection and mitigation. That’s in addition to ICT Misr privacy solutions that protect your data on all your network levels.

Information Lifecycle Management

Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) service of ICT Misr helps businesses shift their time from IT issues to focus on real business activities. It sets a consolidated strategy for identifying and administrating your storage systems on your computing devices. So, your employees can access data seamlessly faster.

Data Governance and Compliance

Ensuring your data is fit for its purposes starts with setting an effective data governance strategy - hence maintaining compliance. ICT Misr introduces a holistic, complete approach to Data Governance & Compliance strategies. It assesses your business level of compliance with data privacy regulations; like PCI DSS, GDPR, CCPA, etc. It also monitors and reports data quality, and enforces the alignment of the involved parties in business with a centralized plan; So that your whole organization will be managing efforts to remain compliant.