Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics - ICT Misr


Data Analysis and Reporting

Big data is a big deal when it comes to analysis and reporting. But reliable data intelligence solutions can contribute to boosting business growth and revenues. ICT Misr empowers businesses to turn their big data into actionable insights with its data analysis and reporting service. It will improve your business decision-making process, as driven by reliable analytics and reports.

Dashboarding and Mobile Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards enable monitoring and measuring business performance and metrics for better forecasting, more visibility, and well-consolidated inventory control. ICT Misr provides BI dashboarding tools that give out valuable insights on real-time or historical data, customer behavior, for instance, to make relevant decisions. Your employees can also access your dashboard and track relevant key data points on their mobiles, a solution that ICT Misr implements with seamless user experience.

High-Performance Analytics Appliance (HANA)

High-performance analytics appliances (HANA) enables organizations to better operate, plan and forecast with the aid of fast and accurate analysis. Employees can access detailed information in real-time and hence analyze the operations accordingly. ICT Misr introduces HANA solutions that empower businesses with this agility, speed, and even more efficient data processing.

Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is prevailing every life aspect; it is time to bring it to your business. It can bring more personalization and fun to your customers and hence skyrocket your sales. ICT Misr introduces advanced analytics solutions that start with a comprehensive data warehousing. And by adopting smart machine learning (ML) techniques businesses can suggest relevant content for their customers, attain personalization, and build a good rapport.