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Identity Protection

With today’s digital transformation and remote working, there is a tremendous demand for cloud and mobility. Users need to access corporate data anytime, from any location, using any device, where organizations are faced with extended perimeters. Corporate infrastructure, applications, and data are moving outside the traditional network perimeters to the cloud and mobile devices, leaving the organization’s assets exposed to the extended attack surface.

That is why we believe that “User Identity has become the NEW PERIMETER”


Extended Prevention, Detection,
and Response

Today, organizations are facing ever evolving advanced and stealthy cyberattacks more than ever. Multi-phase and multi-stage attacks are getting harder to be detected with minimum footprints, file-less and living off the land techniques, throughout the Attack Chain from the initial compromise, reaching out to Data Exfiltration.

So, it is not a matter of “IF” you will be attacked, it is a matter of “WHEN” you will be attacked, So, will you be ready?

In addition, security professionals face more and more security alerts from multiple security devices. Besides, the lack of resources, capabilities, and integrations are making security analysts’ life even worse.


Extended Information Protection

We understand that digital transformation, remote working, cloud and mobility have changed the usage model of Data; Organization’s data becomes more vulnerable to accidental exposure and targeted data breach. However, organizations are struggling to empower mobile workforces, maintain compliance, and properly protect data as it flows between environments.