Business Continuity - ICT Misr


Business Impact Analysis

Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is essential to foresee and determine the impact of interrupting your business operations in case of disasters. ICT Misr conducts detailed BIA that reveals the points of weakness units in your infrastructure, evaluates the effect of resource loss and aids in developing a data recovery strategy. ICT Misr’s BIA assists as well in creating alternative procedures for your business continuity.

Data Protection

Before your IT team commence your backup jobs, considering the main aspects of the data protection strategy come first: The Service Level Agreement (SLA), Recovery Time Objective (RTO), and Recovery Point Objective (RPO). As Platinum Veritas Partners, we provide full-stack data protection solutions that comprise backup operations and addresses the cloud data lifecycle for all sizes of businesses.

Disaster Recovery Tiers

The seven tiers of disaster recovery, ICT Misr implements them seamlessly and with high proficiency. Forget about downtime and save your data over the long-term. Whether your business data has just conceived or has already realized a sheer volume, ICT Misr introduces disaster recovery tiers that fit all requirements.